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Welcome to the Duke Bullock Boutique

In Loving Memory of our "Duke Bullock" 
The little boy with a big voice 

Sadly after a 17 month battle to get our boy to walk again we decided to let him go after he developed further problems within his bones and we knew that there was no way that we could ever get him back to where he was previously.

It broke our hearts but we did what was the right thing for him and he was put to sleep whilst we hugged him.
Duke made such a massive impact on so many people and losing him was one of the hardest things i have ever had to go through in all my life.
Life will never be the same without him and we would love for his story to continue as he educated so many people to the true beauty and sentience of "Farmed animals".
Shortly after duke died, we traced his brother "Star" who now lives on Calf Sanctuary
Gone but never forgotten
Till we meet again my boy  
Luff you

We dedicate this site to Duke and all proceeds go towards calf sanctuary and our many many rescues
We are self funded and everypenny means a life saved and loved
Thank Moooo for your kindness and support

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The Duke Bullock Shop works alongside the CALF Sanctuary, an animal rescue that relies heavily on your generous donations. Please consider donating now. Thank you!