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Buddy Club

Buddy CLub 

Calf Sanctuary recently relocated to a much larger farm, which means we can rescue many more animals. 

Since the move in july our numbers have already increased substantially, which is great but it is always a worry as more mouths to feed and bigger vet bills.

We know how many of you love what we are doing and i try to make our sanctuary as open as i can so that everyone feels a part of what we do.

It all started when we saved 12 sheep from slaughter and we offered them up for guardianship which meant people were god parents to the sheep..They paid a fee and set up a monthly contribution to help support their care and keep.

We are so busy that we do not get the time to do the sponsorship scheme as we are a small family unit not a big concern, so we opened the "Buddy Club" where guardians and supporters get added to a private group and we post random updates and storys as and when we can.

In the near future the buddy club will also give V.I P exclusives and competitions for our loyal supporters as we have so much coming to Calf Sanctuary over the next few years

My becoming a guardian or a buddy you help us to save lives and you become a part of the fantastic world of luff and kindness

Membership to the buddy club is 10.00 monthly support which goes directly to the animals.

The club will grow from strength to strength the more supporters that we get

Thank you so much

To join....Click here


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