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Bella ~ Adopted

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These two calf Calve's have now been rehomed


Each little being is a unique creation, as individual as real life farmed animals.

Handcrafted with love, filled with compassion. Made by "Us" at calf. Crammed with charm and character. Calf sole mates are here to be the VOICE for their own kind. They all have a story to tell. Created with a touch of calf magic and brand new socks. They do contain small parts such as the eyes and bells, we sew them very tightly but would not recommend for small children unless they go on adventures supervised at all times by an adult carer. Every newborn calf family member needs adopting and will bring joy, smiles and light into your life. Let them be the voice for those who cannot speak. All profits from calf sole mates goes back into helping feed our real life furry friends X

These are LIMITED EDITIONS, we only have one of each sock sole mate~ We can make similar but no two will be the same, if yours looks different to the image please NOTE that no two will be the same.

If purchasing for young children to TELL a STORY and help others connect to EX FARMED animals then please supervise as there are small parts on these beings

Much love and please enjoy your sole mates X

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