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Vegan because i give a f*ck

Price: £14.99
UK Postage: £2.95
Overseas Postage: £5.95

A C-A-L-F designer tshirt, designed and manufactured by "us"

A rather loud and bold statement, yet again the truth smack bang, some love it some hate it. Hats off to those who dare wear in public.

To those who are offended, please just look away, here at c-a-l-f we aim to cover all areas and needs, to get the word out there.

These tops look great worn over a longer vest top, or as a belly buster if you have that perfect vegan body :0)

The colour is natural, but also available in different colours with a selection of different font colours. The sizes are uk. Postage UK 2.95 Worldwide 5.95