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Kick Ass

Price: £7.99
UK Postage: £1.50
Overseas Postage: £3.00

Veggies Kick Ass....Meat eaters eat it Rather cheeky but VERY true Those offended should not offend then

We get so tired of people saying "Ooooo you cannot say that" WHY ? Its ok for meat eaters to ram death and murder in our faces 24 hours a day, yet give them truth and they feel persecuted.. TOUGH We speak for the gentle beings that are KILLED 7.99 plus post, it can be made in black bag too Postage 1.50 UK 3.00 Worldwide Every penny of profit goes into calf sanctuary X

PS...the little hen you see in the background died today, i post this image as a mark of respect, any sales of this bag will go to rescuing more hens and a new house for them RIP lady X