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The innocent face of meat

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Jute~ Eco friendly bags.


30 x 30 x 12 cm

I took this photo last year at an animal exhibition (not a place i like to frequent, but needs must to witness the truth)
With a loud and clear message We will be doing lots of different ones but if you have a specific idea the please message us to see if we can do it for you

This was a baby Dexter cow, they purposely have small legs so that they do not walk as much as other cows and accelerate in growth for beef ...
A beautiful cow that was with its mother, yet they looked so sad as they were paraded around.

He is the FACE of meat. The hidden beauty behind the disguised dismembered butchered piece of flesh on the supermarket shelves

I walked around with this bag and i could hear the silence as i walked passed chattering people....This bag is great for impact