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Vegan Cafe

NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!!!
Duke Bullock's Vegan Cafe 
(in middle of rebranding in memory of our duke the bullock)
Also know as Calf Cafe

After 6 years sadly we have decided to sell this business ~ why ?
Simply because we moved to whitby and run a growing animals sanctuary which truly does take so much of our time, plus this year we tested the belle tents and they were very successful but we struggled to do both 
By selling the cafe/accommodation we would be able to release funds to build a new business that means we could be home more with the animals and we would go mobile, to allow us to network and raise awareness. 

THe building has HUGE potential and we are still building it, this summe we rennovated the upper attic flat and one of the other rooms which we advertised on air b and b and they were very successful..The "Funny Farm Flat " And the "Cow Shed" we are also in the process of finishing a further room "The Sheep Shack " AND there is potetial to transform 2 more rooms or 1 room and a communal kitchen.
Along with a vegan cafe that you *could possibly get a licence on again to sell alcohol, with seating to hold 30 PLUS an outside area 
in the right hands you could take this place to the next level. We have done the hard work and now it just needs finishing touches 

This does NOT mean we are closing down, we will still be running the cafe and NEW room rentals, we are still building the business, so PLEASE keep supporting us. 
WE are in no rush to sell as we hope it will go to a fellow vegan and we will possibly open in whitby or go mobile so calf are NOT vanishing, we just need to put our efforts with the sanctuary more 
It will be on the market for 250,000

62 Eastborough
North Yorkshire
YO11 1NJ  
Tel Sharon 07919310839

Fully Vegan Cafe
At present we are only open weekends through the winter ~ but we also open during the childrens school holidays and most days during the summer period

We also now do private room rentals above the cafe and now have a self contained holiday let flat "The Funny Farm" And a double room with ensuite "The Cow Shed "  

AT PRESENT WE ARE OPEN SAT AND SUNDAY 11.30 ~ 3.30 throughout winter unless its heavy snow in whitby and we cannot get through



The Duke Bullock Shop works alongside the CALF Sanctuary, an animal rescue that relies heavily on your generous donations. Please consider donating now. Thank you!